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Here it is ! The Mobile 3D City application

Here it is ! The Mobile 3D City application : Paris 3D has been submitted yesterday as an Apple iPhone application !

After almost twenty man-years of R&D over a four year period, here it is, the first embodiment in a collection that will rapidly expand as each newopus is added.
What is Mobile 3D City ? It is a collection of tourism guides developed specifically for mobile terminals (currently iPhone), in truly photo-realist 3D format, which is interactive and includes numerous points of interest. For a demonstration, please watch the video below. It’s spectacular and yet remains both intuitive and practical ! User instructions are available in PDF format here (link).

Mobile 3D City is also an international trademark deposed by the Newscape Technology company. This is finally a Consortium that brings together in addition to that of Newscape Technology, the expertise of Computamaps, international market leaders in 3D high-definition photo-realist mapping, Cityzeum, a dedicated tourism company and finally Navidis, specializing in the implementation of geo-localized content.

We would like to thank the companies Teleatlas and Aerodata International Surveys for their faith in the project from the earliest stages and for the invaluable aid that they provided as well as that furnished by Exclusive Hotels.

We will be regularly updating the site with both technical and tourism information and will be paying particular attention to any comments or feedback received.Indeed, Mobile 3D City is committed to constant improvement, and we will be giving serious consideration to any of your suggestions concerning use or ergonomics as well as any possible errors that you may identify. It is of course almost impossible to avoid some errors in a project as vast and complex as Mobile 3D City, but thankfully it is a simple matter to correct them once they have been identified !

Finally, if you have a commercial establishment in Paris and if you too would like to be referenced free of charge on the Mobile 3D City application, you need only contact us and we can discuss your presence on the next updated release (planned for August 2009).

Posted by webmaster on July 27, 2009

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